“We were thrilled with the results of the Study Skills System. I didn’t realize that my daughter had never been taught how to study or how to use that knowledge to study smarter rather than harder. Great investment in your child’s educational journey!”
Cathy Armstrong, Parent

“Our son has really enjoyed this class. He has come home after each session and shown us what he has learned. I can see that his ‘wheels are turning’ on how he will implement this into his daily school routines.”

“I think this program is great and I think our son is actually looking forward to school this year. Excellent program!”

“The parent workshop was very informative and helpful. I learned tips to help our daughter which is terrific, thank you!”

“I was able to find out where my child is and how to help him without doing it for him. Really a good review for me to help him learn how to study!”

“It was amazing and fun. I learned so much. The course was helpful because I learned useful skills that will help me now and in the future.”

“I recommend this course. I liked how my teacher used different ways to teach so that I would learn.”

“It’s really great to have these study skills…when you’re studying you won’t struggle because you’ll know what skills to use when you need help. Notes are so much easier to take now. The teacher was fun and made the lesson exciting even though we were all tired.”

“I liked the fact that it helped you realize your strengths and weaknesses and my teacher would take time to help me with any problems. I recommend this course.”

“Both my students’ parents and I have been impressed with the emphasis on setting and achieving goals, creating a life mission statement, and with helping students identify their own learning strengths. These are things that were probably nowhere on our students’ radar before.”

“For the most part, students tend to “do what they’ve always done and get what they’ve always gotten.” Victus helps change that. Every student ought to take this class.

– Kathy Boyd, Middle School Teacher

Our Clients

Over the past thirty years, the Victus Study Skills System* has been taught to individuals and/ or through classes in the following schools:

  • All Saints
  • Awty International
  • Briarcrest Christian School
  • Christ Methodist Day School
  • Christ The King Lutheran School
  • Duchesne Academy
  • Eastern Arkansas Schools
  • Episcopal High School
  • Evangelical Christian School
  • First Assemby Christian School
  • Fort Worth Country Day
  • Fort Worth, Texas Schools
  • Grace St. Luke’s Episcopal School
  • Grady Middle School
  • Harding Academy
  • Houston Christian High School
  • Houston, Texas Schools
  • Kansas City, Missouri Schools
  • Knoxville, Tennessee Schools
  • Lake Forest, Illinois Schools
  • Lausanne Collegiate School
  • Memorial High School
  • Memphis City Schools
  • Memphis, Tennessee Schools
  • Memphis University School
  • Northwest Mississippi
  • Orange County, California Schools
  • Presbyterian Day School
  • River Oaks Baptist
  • SBEC
  • Shelby County Schools
  • Spring Branch Middle School
  • St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School
  • St. Benedict at Auburndale
  • St. Francis Of Assissi Catholic School
  • St. George’s Independent School
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal School
  • St. Anne’s Catholic School
  • St. Francis Episcopal Day School
  • St. John’s School
  • Stratford High School
  • The Hutchison School
  • The Kinkaid School
  • Trinity Valley School
  • Westminster Christian Academy
  • Woodland Presbyterian School

* Victus was previously named How To Study