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Congratulations on your decision to homeschool your children. We know you are a dedicated parent and want only the best for them. This is why we developed the Victus Study Skills System.

Having taught and tutored for many years we discovered a weakness in the approach to learning: So many times we present a subject and expect that the student knows how to understand the material in a meaningful and impactful way. No one ever taught them how to study (learn). This leads to frustration for the student and teacher (parent in the case of homeschooling). Your child may struggle to learn certain subjects. They may seem unmotivated and don’t want to do the work.

Our system was specifically designed to help your child understand their learning style and use a system to learn anything. This removes struggle and frustration and makes learning fun.

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Primary (age 5-6)


Elementary (age 7-12)


Jr High/High (age 13-17)


College (age 17 up)

Why Victus is a wonderful tool for our future leaders & citizens:

  1. It is perfectly suited for homeschoolers because you have two choices in teaching the course:
    • Student Led: The students can use the DIY Workbook, which is self directed and they may or may not choose to use the video as reinforcement.
    • Teacher Led. The homeschool teacher can teach the students, leading them through the curriculum and may or may not use the video or PowerPoint
  2. It is perfectly suited for homeshoolers because:
    • it is designed and has been taught by professional tutors who understand the unique challenges of individualized teaching.
    • skills taught can be immediately integrated and reinforced in all the subjects being taught, assuring true learning and application of the skills.
    • lessons can stop and start as needed. Time segments of 15 minutes or longer or shorter make it easy to fit into the busy homeschooling day.
  3. It is perfectly suited for homeschoolers because it:
    • is only 5 hours in total length
    • offers some of the most helpful skills students can learn for school and for life
    • Provides curriculum approach options.

Message to Homeschoolers

Listen to the podcast of founder Susan Ison and IEW’s Andrew Pudewa

"Effective study skills are essential for academic excellence, but few students are taught an explicit system for developing study skills. The Victus Study Skills System is about developing effective study skills and achieving academic goals, but it also helps students apply the same process to other areas of their life such as faith and finances."

—Cathy Duffy

“Victus does a superb job of ordering its program to teach students how to personalize their strategy for success. Each lesson builds upon the previous one in a logical, orderly fashion. Short yet engaging analogies, statistical facts, real life testimonies of famous people, plus hands-on practice helped my children stay engaged in the learning curve."

—Home Schooling Mom, Virginia USA

"Victus is a program that lives up to its name. It truly teaches a way of life. I sat through many different study skills lessons at my private school growing up, and as an educator who works with homeschool families now, I believe that the principles taught in Victus are a notch above the other programs out there."

—A Cottage School Head