Our course can be taught in 5 one-hour sessions or over an entire semester.

Over three million college students drop out due to never having learned the tools necessary for study. How is your school helping its students to learn the habit of study?

Since repetition is not only the key to learning, but also the key to creating a habit, Victus Study Skills System begins with the youngest learner, moving up through all stages, building deeper understanding of goal setting and the tools of learning in each level offered.

How Victus can help your school:

1. Consultation

Simply fill out the form below and we will help you discover how Victus can easily be implemented in your current curriculum.

2. Training

We can train your current staff, either in person or virtually, so they can integrate study skills in each class taught.

3. Workshops

Victus has trained teachers who can either come to your location or teach a virtual workshop to your students. The teachers and parents are given materials helping them to reinforce the newly acquired study skills both in the classroom and at home.

4. Products

The Core Teachers Edition is the cornerstone of this system, containing the key elements and philosophy of good study habits. The Teacher supplements and Student workbooks contain explanations of these key elements for each level.

“It’s incredible that students could have made it through 12 years of school without learning how to study and plan their time, and with a fragile sense of themselves as students. More incredible, the problem is not limited to struggling undergraduates; the studies I’ve described were conducted at elite schools like Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”

–The Washington Post

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