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When schools implement the Victus Study Skills System throughout the school, our professional team is ready to help. Our consultant can meet with your staff and help design and begin implementation of a plan that offers that step by step guidance which is often needed in such a new and important endeavor.


Professional classroom teachers, homeschoolers, churches staff members, and those working with youth oriented non-profit agencies desire to be trained so that The Victus Study Skills System can be taught whenever and wherever it is needed. Victus can then be taught to targeted at risk students who may easily become lost in the shuffle, to youth groups at churches and to small tutorial groups.


If you do not want to teach the course yourself or to train your teachers, Victus has trained teachers who can come to your location and teach the course to your students, teachers and parents. The students learn the course and then the teachers and parents learn enough of the material to help reinforce the skills as they work with the students.


We offer Teacher Supplements and Student Workbooks for a range of ages & levels:

  • Level 1: Primary (age 5-6)
  • Level 2: Elementary (age 7-12)
  • Level 3: Jr High/High School (age 13-17)
  • Level 4: College (age 17 up)
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“We were thrilled with the results of the Study Skills System. I didn’t realize that my daughter had never been taught how to study or how to use that knowledge to study smarter rather than harder. A great investment in your child’s educational journey!” Cathy Armstrong, Parent