Level 2: Elementary (age 7-12)

To keep prices affordable, interior pages are printed in black and white, unless color is requested at an additional charge. To preview our products, download our E-Packet PDF containing sample pages from each level. To help you decide which products you will need, download the Victus Scope and Sequence.

Core Teacher Edition – $40.00*

The Core Teacher Edition of the Victus Study Skills System offers clear, concise lessons for each of the three foundational cornerstones students will learn. Although the basics of the course can be taught in five one-hour sessions, reinforcement and integration into actual class material will increase the amount of time spent.

Each of the ten lessons includes guidance on the purpose of the lesson, the preparation for the introduction of the material, and the procedure used in teaching the lesson.

Teacher Supplement Elementary Grades – $7.00

This supplement is to be used in conjunction with the Core Teacher Edition and accompanies the Elementary Student Workbook. It leads the teacher through the ten lessons giving specific, easy-to-follow steps.

Elementary Student Workbook – $20.00

The student elementary workbook helps the student learn the three foundational cornerstones of learning and the ten lessons of the Victus Study Skills System that can be applied immediately. It is designed to be teacher-led.

Elementary Power Point (included Elementary Teacher Supplement)

This Power Point is used by teachers with larger groups and classes. It provides a visual for completion of the Elementary Student Workbook pages.


DIY Student Workbook CoverThe Student DIY Workbook – $25.00

The Student DIY Workbook is a “do it yourself” workbook for an independent learner in Level 2 or 3. For situations in which there is no teacher to teach the lessons, students can work though this workbook at their own pace. Perfect for summer reinforcement, or study halls, or home schoolers needing worthwhile independent work, this workbook is designed for student use and learning.

Student Planner – $20.00

The Student Planner is our unique product that provides a method of daily reinforcement in setting priorities and arranging time around them. Customization for schools and large groups is available. The Planner is designed to be used by students in Levels 2, 3 and 4.

Student DIY Workbook – Classroom Video Combo $40.00

The DIY-Video combination includes a do it yourself workbook for 4th—12th graders and a video showing professional educators teaching the ten lessons in a classroom setting. No teacher is needed!

Creating and Implementing a Personal Strategic Plan – $5.00

This booklet is used by adults who want help in applying this unique results-oriented system in their own lives. It has been taught to countless adults who have found themselves held captive by the tyranny of the urgent, seldom finding time for the priorities they so wish to live.

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