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When we, our kids, or any of us have a big project ahead, often the tendency is to procrastinate. We can easily justify to ourselves why we can’t get started.

In my experience, I’ve often found my delay techniques almost become a habit. I can’t start today because…I need to do such and such before I can get started.., I really need a huge chunk of time before I can do that. On and on, my delay tactics restrain me from taking action , and the project sits unattended to. Somehow the dread of getting started becomes another delay tactic.

At Victus, we teach students a simple principle: break large tasks down into smaller ones.

For instance, when a project is due at the end of the month, plan the various steps needed to accomplish it on your calendar.

Once we do that, and then actually accomplish the first step, something happens in our brains that breaks through our reluctance to complete the project.

The link below and the links contained in it are very informative about what happens to our brains when we just go ahead and get started!