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The Victus Study Skills System teaches three foundational cornerstones designed to help students become lifelong learners and to become successful in academics and in life.

The first foundational cornerstone is the question, Where are we now? We must understand the times in order to know what to do. This is true as we face the coronavirus situation. It is true when we go to the doctor. It is true in learning to study.

To help students understand where they are now in their ability to study effectively, it is extremely important that they know how they most effectively learn. Also important is that teachers and parents know how the student most effectively learns.

Although some tools used to help us identify learning styles are not necessarily scientific, their intention is to help us become aware of how we best learn and to build on that strength, not change it. Understanding where we are now, how we learn best, is important for all of us.

At church, it is possible for me to listen to our pastor and leave without remembering a single thing he says. However, if I take notes, which I may never look at again, I will remember. I am a visual learner. I must see it to remember it.

Once we discover how we learn best, we use tools to build on our learning strength.

Below you will find links to the four learning strength level inventories. Click on the link for the level you want, and it will take you to the exercise.

Let’s get started! It’s fun, quick, and helpful!

Learning Strengths Grades 1-5

Learning Strengths Grades 6-9

Learning Strengths Grades 10-12- College