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My adult daughter and I were talking about Victus the other day. She is married and has three children ages three to eleven, so you can imagine the busyness in their home.

We have often talked about how easy it is to become so busy you have no time for yourself. Such can be the case at any stage of life, but I do think it’s more difficult when the “tyranny of the urgent” just can’t be ignored. I used to tell strategic planning business clients that there are times you must respond to the tyranny of the urgent even when it’s not on your list of priorities for the day.

My daughter and I were reflecting on the Victus concept of being driven by mission and priorities or goals. We were agreeing that faith is our highest priority followed by family, friends and fortune. We were once again affirming that each day we may not get to the priorities or goals further down the list, but we always try to get to faith and family. Our mission is our broad purpose on this earth, and our goals or priorities are more specific and flow from that mission.

Then we went on to talk about what all is included in our definition of our priority of faith. I told her that my definition for faith deals with stewardship as much as anything. Stewardship deals with my relationship with God and my care for myself. It includes my exercise and diet, as well as my time with the Lord. I went on to say that if my body is not fit, no other goal or priority will really be handled well.

If I say that family for me is my second priority, but then I am physically exhausted or haven’t eaten or rested well or exercised, what kind if shape will I be in for my family?

My daughter responded by saying, “Mom, since Victus is now being shipped all over the place, I bet a lot of people who Victus is reaching may not understand all that. I’m not sure it’s clear. Although we know it, you may need to clarify it to others.”

It’s such a blessing to have adult children who give honest feedback!

So as you or your students write goals and define goals, be sure it is understood that your top goal should include physical and spiritual care for yourself. It is foundational to success in all other goals, to success in academics and life!